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  • Do you offer a free trial lesson?
    I offer a 30-minute trial lesson at the discounted rate of $25 to individuals who are interested in joining the studio. This $25 is due ahead of the voice lesson in order to book your spot (I accept several online payment methods). 24-hour notice is needed to cancel or to reschedule the lesson. Please see the Policies page for more details. *Note: for those interested in a 60-minute trial lesson, the discounted rate is $50* During the trial lesson, I will briefly discuss goals and any prior experience the student may have before moving onto voice work. I recommend that all prospective students bring a song to work on! To book a trial lesson, please email letting Christine know your interest!
  • How do I schedule and book a lesson?
    Please send an email to or call 561.251.8939 to reserve a voice lesson. Please note that payment is due before the lesson takes place.
  • What is included in the cost of the voice lesson?
    Included in the cost: - Personalized vocal and musical instruction - Practice tracks of songs - Specialized audition / competition prep - Audition recording - Sheet music from my personal music library - A recorded voice lesson that you can continuously refer to, if you choose to record Not included in the cost: Here are some common expenses that you may encounter over the course of your vocal study, depending on your personal needs and goals: - Sheet music not in my extensive personal library - An accompanist, should you choose to have one - Competition fees, should you choose to compete - Recital fees, should you choose to participate - Miscellaneous fees for voice tools (straws, EMST devices, personal nebulizers, etc.) - Educational materials such as music theory and piano workbooks - Aural skills software for ear training and sight singing
  • Do you offer discounted bundles of lessons?
    For weekly students, I offer a bundle of five lessons for $360.
  • Where are you located?
    I teach out of a private school in the San Jose neighborhood of Jacksonville. Please email for exact location information!
  • What genres do you teach?
    Short answer: I teach all genres of music! As a professional opera singer, naturally my specialty is teaching classical voice. However, the vast majority of my students sing music from other styles, including musical theatre, pop, rock, R&B, jazz, and everything in between! My approach to technique remains the same, no matter the genre. In this way, each student is given a reliable and healthy technique to employ, no matter what style they decide to sing.
  • What ages do you teach?
    I teach all ages; However, I do not teach all ages the same material. I adapt my teaching methods and curriculum depending on the age and experience of the student. For example, voice lessons for younger singers will largely consist of basic music theory, basic piano, beginning ear training, posture and beginning breath ideas, performance skills that develop confidence, language skills, and some gentle vocal warm-ups. My goals at this age are to build musicianship skills and develop a deep love of music that will last the student's entire life. Students who have not gone through their voice change (i.e., puberty) cannot safely be taught more advanced technical concepts. For this reason, many choose to begin vocal training following puberty; before puberty, the student can focus on building lifelong musicianship skills that will prepare them for eventual intensive vocal study.
  • Can you travel to students' homes?
    I offer this service on a case-by-case basis. If my schedule allows for an in-home lesson, I am happy to travel to your home! Please note that these lessons are, by nature, more expensive than in-studio lessons. I do however require that the initial voice consultation to occur at the studio. Additionally, you will need to have a piano or an electronic keyboard available to use. The rates for in-home lessons are higher than my normal rates to account for gas and travel time. Please email for more information on these kinds of lessons, and for a price quote.
  • Can I observe my child's lesson?
    Parents are always more than welcome to observe their child's voice lesson!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Significant preparation goes into planning for each individual student. For a refund of your payment, 24-hour prior notice is needed. Any exceptions to this rule will be granted at the instructor's discretion. For more information about studio policies, please visit the "Policies" page found in the drop-down menu.
  • Do you teach online lessons?
    Yes, I do!
  • What should I bring to my lesson?
    - A pencil - A water bottle - Binder containing music / educational materials - Something to record audio with - A positive and receptive attitude!
  • Are there studio recitals?
    This largely depends on student interest. If there is enough interest, yes!
  • Can you help with Douglas Anderson and SJCCA auditions?
    Yes, absolutely! In the lessons leading up to audition day, we work on finding and refining repertoire, while also building sight singing / pitch recall skills. For musical theatre applicants, we zero-in on acting skills for the monologue portion of the audition, and find the best possible 16-bar cut of a musical theatre song to showcase your child's vocal strengths. We also discuss audition techniques to reduce feelings of nervousness, so that your child can present the very best version of themselves in the audition room.
  • Have you passed a Level 2 background check?
    Yes, I have! Extensive background checks are mandatory for my ongoing work with San Jose Episcopal Day School and for my prior work as a Teaching Artist with Cathedral Arts Project.
  • What kinds of payment do you accept?
    I accept Zelle (preferred), Check, and/or Cash.
  • Is there a registration fee?
  • Can I do lessons occasionally, or every-other-week?
    Of course! My studio does not utilize a monthly subscription, so you are free to book however often you'd like. Naturally, the most progress can be seen with weekly lessons. However, I completely understand that not everyone is able to afford this option.
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