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Voice Lessons for Adults

Intensive technical work for those looking to transform their singing voices

The Alfano Voice Studio offers private voice lessons to adults of all ages and experience levels. Current adult members of the studio can be seen performing in church choirs and community theatre productions, gigging in town, singing in operas, and showcasing their talents at local open mic and karaoke nights. Still others choose to take lessons just for their private enjoyment, finding a great deal of gratification in reaching their personal vocal milestones. Many wish to integrate a voice lesson into their weekly routine as part of their "me time," while others may be looking to take lessons for specific audition and/or competition prep.

Adult larynxes are fully developed and thus are able to be taught the whole gamut of advanced technical concepts. I specialize in this kind of intensive voice work, and find that my adult students thrive under the detailed corrections that I am able to provide. The lessons are structured according to the needs and goals of the individual student, which we discover during their initial voice consultation (provided free of charge). During an average weekly lesson, we spend the first half of the lesson refining technique through carefully planned vocalizes, and the second half applying the technique to repertoire.

For beginning and intermediate adults, 60 minute lessons are recommended. For advanced adults, or those looking for more instructional time, 90 minute lessons are suggested.


60 Minutes: $75.00

90 Minutes: $110.00

To learn what's included in the lesson price, and/or to learn about discounted bundles, visit the FAQ Page.

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