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Student Testimonials

Hear what past and current students are saying

"Christine helped me access high notes I never knew I had. It's been an absolute joy to study with her!"

Student, 43


"I was able to make All-State choir thanks to Ms. Alfano! She has made me so much more confident in all areas of my life-- not just singing."  

Student, 14

"I've taken lessons with many teachers, but none have personally invested in me like Christine. She truly cares abut each and every one of her students, and supports us in any way she can." 

Student, 27

"Voice lessons are my favorite part of the week! I've learned so much about music and acting with Ms. Christine, and have gotten solos and roles in school productions with her help!" 

Student, 15

"There is no one else in town I would recommend to friends looking to improve their voices and musical skills."

Student, 62

"Singing is an incredibly vulnerable and potentially embarassing thing for someone to do, especially when beginning. One of Christine's greatest strengths as a teacher is her ability to instill confidence and provide a safe space for her students. I also really enjoyed the simplicity with which she was able to explain the physical aspects like balancing breath pressure, which I would imagine aren't the easiest things to explain." 

Student, 23

"Since Christine is an international performer and director, I know I'm getting top-notch stage and vocal training. She's the complete package as a teacher."

Student, 31

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